Saturday, June 13, 2020


Like a blank page
A day starts
Words to be written
Images to be taken
Thoughts to be watched

Birds singing
Memories being created
Sounds of life

Random thoughts

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Presently sitting on my bed, with an achy lower back. Browsing my old blog and trying to catch up where I left.

It's been almost 15 years in this country now. Unbelievable. Who would tell that I would end up here.
Anyway... I'm going to run downstairs for some dinner.

See ya

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

No words

I feel shitty today... it's been two years since we found out about your cancer. It feels so empty without you... my soul is in pain, because I miss you so much.

Mom, I love you.

Monday, March 12, 2012

María Bárbara Reyes Muñiz

Please, if you have seen her or know about this case, call the authorities or communicate to the phone number in the picture. Please share the information in your facebook, email, twitter or blog.

She could be your daughter, your sister, your cousin, your niece, your grand daughter. Please help us find her.

Por favor estimado lector, si la has visto o sabes algo de este caso, denuncia. Por favor comparte ésta información en tu blog, en facebook o por correo electrónico.

Podría ser tu hija, tu hermana, tu prima, tu sobrina, tu nieta. Ayúdanos a encontrarla.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I wish there was a group such as the AA but for chocoholics. Yes, my name is Nefer, and I am a Chocoholic.

My love affair with chocolate began in my childhood. The problem with it is that I cannot limit the amount of chocolate intake. If I buy, lets say... a bar that contains 3 servings... I cannot help it. I eat it all at the moment. I do not just enjoy a little piece and save it for later. I feel the need of gulping it like a caveman munching on its prey.

Not only it causes me anxiety and tiredness... but all the effects that I describe in "El azucar mata". Sugar, the slow and sweet killer that causes all sorts of problems. Anyway. I had to come over here and confess my crimes. I ate a full bar of Hazelnut milk chocolate... a total of 15g per portion, times 3... 45g sugar!!!!!...

I hope tomorrow I don't feel cranky and bitchy. But with this crazy weather (yeah, put the blame on something!), the snow makes one crave not only for delicious chocolate, but for mmmhhh another yet one of my guilty pleasures... coffee.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Dear reader... I've been in limbo... between studying for the certification and losing myself in time... and a bit too much worried about too many things. Among them, the left side "balloon" that is growing in my pelvic cavity, feeling itchy and today... with a rash. I'm hoping it is only an allergy and not the feared IBC.

I just ate like an ape... hopefully my digestion will flow. I know, who cares, right? but when you get to a certain age, these types of things become more important than life/career experiences. Being able to taste food as it is, to breath deeply and freely, having all the routine physiological routines flowing normally... etc.

Anyway... I'll stop the nonsense today and I'm off to join the Pharaoh. Friday. Too many Fridays without him (yes... work is to blame).

Friday, February 17, 2012

Missed you dude

Fortunately the cold weather is slowly starting to give up.

I haven't studied in three days. I just don't have the energy or the drive. I seem to have a new lower back issue going on, probably longer than five days now. I don't think it is the dancing though. It could be either three options:

  • Endo is back and giving me a hard time
  • My spine is complaining
  • A herniated disk is calling up for attention

I have no clue, but I am at the stage of "watch & wait" as the chiropractor advised.

Yesterday, it was one more year of this soul in this Earth. I no longer feel the same about my birthday ever since  I experienced my mom's illness, and her unfortunate death. Things appeared to have taken a different perspective. Or may I say, my perceptions about small things and life itself have dramatically changed.

The only thing that has not changed at all is my attachment to the idea of "you will always be there". I missed your birthday message this year, and it really left a gap in my day. I hope everything is going well for you and that you were just busy running your life... that you are in good health, and that nothing wrong happened. I miss our chats.

Anyway. I will try a different position, since my behind hurts. (On my knees posting this, since I am experiencing some tingling sensations along my lower back and left leg). I hope this goes away soon, so that I can go back to dancing without regrets.